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Hospitality in authentic Japanese cuisine making use of the season in Hokkaido.

Yuyado Daiichi we will hospitally use the seasonal things and the things of the plenty abundantly.
Please enjoy the seasoning which made use of the flavor of the material and the rich Japanese cuisine.
  • Seseragiti set menu

    Dinner, Dinner, Kaiseki Meal with Original, Creative Dishes

    【Seseragi Sencha menu】
    Appetizer:Spicy boiled bean paste·Alpine Leek , pickled in soy sauce·Nakashibetsu Gouda Cheese
    Simmered dishes:Simmered boiled in blue
    small bowl:Mushrooms grated down, Autumn sweet rice sushi
    Potato: Hanasaki crab tuna soup
    Pickled Vegetables:Handmade pickles from Craftsperson Kamata
    sashimi:Three points on daily basis
    A western plate:Roast beef with mountain wasabi
    Fried Men Me no Japanese Style Ankake : Men Me no Japanese Style Ankake
    Grilled Dish:Nakashibetsu's Milky Pork skewers from Nakashibetsu's Milky Pork·Salt-grilling of Wakkanai made autumn sweetfish·Shibetsu's Autumn Salmon(Choice)
    Meals: Hanasaki crab potato · chicken and mushrooms 釜 飯 (choice)
    Dessert:Vanilla ice cream·Pumpkin's mousse(Choice)

    ※Cooking is an example.
    ※Since the contents may be changed from the season and the arrival status of the market
    Please note.Also, the picture becomes an image.
    ※Updated on October 10, 2018
  • Buffet Breakfast

    The breakfast is Eating Facility Seseragi a buffet style with a Eating Facility Seseragi.Please enjoy about 60 types of cuisine and dairy town, fresh milk from Nakashibetsu etc.
  • Restaurant, Babble

    There is table seat prepared besides small raised seats.Enjoy a relaxing meal while enjoying the mountain stream flowing from the window and the forest.
    ※We can not accept your seat designation.
  • Restaurant, Wild bird forest

    Because there are box seats besides small seats and table seats, you can calm down and have a relaxing meal.
    ※We can not accept your seat designation.